DOCUMENTATIONEmployer Identification Number

What is an Employer Identification Number?

An Employer Identification Number (“EIN”) is a unique tax ID assigned to companies by the IRS. An EIN is generally required to open a business bank account for a corporation. Startups will often first obtain an EIN in order to open a bank account for their new business. Additionally, an EIN is required when a business pays employees and files federal tax returns.

How do I get an EIN?

Through Symbola's free startup plan, your startup can easily obtain an EIN. After completing the Incorporation Workflow to form a C-Corp, founders on Symbola complete a one-page EIN Workflow. Symbola will then work with our partner to request your EIN from the IRS online. Your EIN will be returned to you from the IRS and stored in your Symbola dashboard for future reference. This process is usually completed within 1-2 business days.

What if I do not have a Social Security Number?

Non-citizens who do not have a Social Security Number can still apply for an EIN on Symbola. However, obtaining an EIN as a non-citizen often means that the required paperwork (called the IRS Form SS-4) must be submitted to the IRS by fax or mail rather than through the IRS’s online application. If this situation applies to you, when you submit your EIN Workflow on Symbola, you will have an opportunity to note that your company’s president does not have a Social Security Number. Symbola will work with our partner (who processes the EIN application service) to draft a Form SS-4 for your business. You will then be able to review, sign, and submit the form offline in order to obtain your EIN. The IRS will return your EIN directly to you.