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Everything you need to issue founder shares.

Protect your startup (and yourself) by making ownership and control of your company official.

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Founder Shares

Our free startup package includes everything you need to issue equity to you and your cofounders.

  • Common Stock Purchase Agreements
  • 83(b) Election generator and filing instructions
  • Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreement
  • Easy esignatures for teams
  • Full live support
    • Easy for both teams and solo founders

      Handle the entire equity issuance process for your team in a single workflow. After that, you and your cofounders can automatically review and generate your 83(b) Election.

      Inbox user interface
    • Terms that stand the test of time

      Review key provisions preferred by experienced founders and VCs to help avoid future conflict and ensure fairness among founders.

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    Built for startups

    Handle legal tasks quickly and easily so you can get back to building.

    Live Support

    Contact our support team by phone, email, or chat.

    Built for Speed

    Our workflows take minutes, not hours, to handle legal tasks.

    Document Storage

    Stay organized with all of your important corporate docs securely stored in one place.

    Easy for Teams

    Easy esignature workflows make it simple for co-founders to incorporate and grow together

    VC Ready

    Follow the best practices of experienced founders and investors.

    Free for Founders

    We grow with you. No credit card required.

    Stay in Sync

    Our tools work seamlessly together, pre-generating workflows based on your existing company profile.


    Skip the messy onboarding to other cap table platforms. We'll build yours automatically after incorporation.

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