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Everything you need to fundraise and hire.

After you incorporate, we automatically generate your company's initial cap table. From there, it's easy handle equity compensation for employees and generate fundraising documents.

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Equity Management

Grow your company with a complete equity management platform that helps you hire and fundraise.

  • Automatic cap table updates
  • Generate SAFE fundraising documents
  • Issue equity to employees and advisors
  • Invite collaborators and stakeholders
  • 409A Valuations (additional charge)
  • Full live support
  • Grow without hassle

    Your Symbola dashboard has everything you need to fundraise and hire.

    Inbox user interface
  • Take care of your team

    Generate options agreements that compensate employees (and yourself) fairly, with terms that value equity as compensation you earned — not a lottery ticket that's unaffordable to exercise.

    Customer profile user interface

Built for startups

Handle legal tasks quickly and easily so you can get back to building.

Live Support

Contact our support team by phone, email, or chat.

Built for Speed

Our workflows take minutes, not hours, to handle legal tasks.

Document Storage

Stay organized with all of your important corporate docs securely stored in one place.

Easy for Teams

Easy esignature workflows make it simple for co-founders to incorporate and grow together

VC Ready

Follow the best practices of experienced founders and investors.

Free for Founders

We grow with you. No credit card required.

Stay in Sync

Our tools work seamlessly together, pre-generating workflows based on your existing company profile.


Skip the messy onboarding to other cap table platforms. We'll build yours automatically after incorporation.

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