What is a registered agent?

Delaware law requires that Delaware corporations maintain a “registered agent” in the state. The registered agent is physically located in Delaware and is appointed by the corporation to receive important government notices and other legal communications on behalf of the company. The registered agent then forwards these communications to the corporation.

How do I get a registered agent?

Symbola's free startup plan includes one year of a registered agent service at no charge to you. This service is provided by our partner LegalInc. You will receive a welcome email from LegalInc with more information after completing the Symbola Incorporation Workflow. After one year, you can choose to continue using LegalInc as your registered agent or switch your business to another registered agent. Registered agents typically charge $100 a year for this service.

Additional Information

Please note that the registered agent's address should not be used as an “all-purpose” forwarding address for your business. General mail regarding your business should go to your own business address.

Founders should be aware that they will also need to appoint a registered agent in any other state where they are required to “foreign qualify.” Foreign qualification, or foreign registration, refers to state laws that require corporations initially registered in one state (for example, Delaware) to then also register in an additional state where the corporation operates.